Hike Called Because of Rain

Or The curious case of why I didn’t check the weather forecast before I left

Humidity wasn’t a constant around these parts growing up, it is now. As one of the weather networks said a couple weeks or so ago we received a bout of “soupy southern weather”. Not only did this prompt me to finally buy an air conditioner it helped me understand the southern disposition slightly more.

The humidity (at least that time around) broke and I struck off for a longer hike between two of the areas I was previously at. On my drive up the wind turbines were actually moving this time and the lightning strike in my peripheral view probably was indicative of slightly better than the 40% or so chance of rain the radio was talking about.

Well poo, there goes the hike.

Arriving at my planned way point numerous vehicles lining the road greeted me. A few drops of rain followed before letting lose. I did get a nice shot of the field.

Could have been worse and caught mid hike in it I suppose

Feeling perturbed I headed back the way I came pulling to the side of the road to find out what club event was on for that section of the Bruce Trail. They had a loop hike starting at 9 am and were fortunate enough to complete it in time. If I wasn’t such a maladjusted miscreant loner perhaps I would have graced everyone with my presence earlier! Lol. This club is one I have donated to but, never attended any events for it or other clubs.

My preference is to hike alone despite seeing how fast some of the older experienced hikers travel at. I could see hiking with others closer to my height perhaps but, experience has taught me that adjusting my pace can be challenging. Even walking with some one shorter it looks like I’m being a dick when I slow my pace to match or if I walk at normal stride. A no win situation.

I plan to do this hike but with humidity in the forties today the amount of water needed would be daunting and I carry 3.5 liters normally.

Weather wise I see worse elsewhere and despite the humidity and some rain some areas still need more. It’s hard for me to fathom how anyone with rational thought doesn’t see the effects of global climate change. My suspicions are that the vast majority of us do but, the corporate media serves up chaos as entertainment not potential solutions.

There are some great innovations and hardworking good people doing some amazing things out there. Humanities capacity for constructive positive change and rising to the challenge when called to action by respected leaders is unlimited. We have witnessed this amity before and I believe we will again hopefully sooner than later.


When you’re hungry but, not quite hungry

Feel like I could paint a little tree over there by that mountain
Lunch music will not be southern blues

The above is what happens when I’m left to my own devices! Lol Sadly I only clued into the potential for Henry Kissinger and Neil Degrasse Tyson plates while I was eating.

Edit: Well crap missed the obvious one Beaker from the muppets.

Summer Doldrums

You ever hit that point where you have lots to say or are overwhelmed with ideas, concepts, rants, etc. but simply don’t have the energy to organize anything into something coherent? Yeah, that’s where I am.

Couple that with the fact that with my birthday the end of the month I tend to become even more introverted. As I reflect on the mid point to the calendar year alongside another full rotation around the sun since my birth the emotions and thoughts can overwhelm.

Today it occurred to me that August will be a year since I last step foot on the mats or in a dojo. Saying I’ve been remiss in visiting my Sensei and classmates is a gross understatement. My anger, rather disappointment has been apparent in other posts as I wait out the systems incompetence that with each passing day lessons my chances of returning to the mats. Frustrating. Obviously something I need to address and the physical exercises I can do come nowhere close to filling the part of my life Aikido did.

We had a “soupy southern” weather front (according to the Weather Network) move through here and I now have a clearer understanding of the southern disposition. Humidity has increased year over year and I don’t recall enduring the humidity in summers with the consistency we do now. It makes hiking less likely and an outing to the beach less so as the crowds swell. My preference is dusk or dawn beach excursions.

Over the next month I seek to review where I was, how far I’ve come and where I seek to go. Also, realize I waste more time on non-fiction reading or rather sub categories of non-fiction that are pointless. I seek to add more fiction both in short stories and novels into my life. As well as more poets. Also trying to broaden my culture reading across the world. It serves no benefit to me to read; yet, another story about someones century farm experiences here that while unique in itself shows similarities to other previously read.

Hope everyone in the Northern Hemisphere is having a wonderful summer and those in the Southern Hemisphere having a wonderful winter as well.

Learning to pace yourself

Saying my sleep troubles make me lackluster would be a huge understatement but, things need to get done. Coming up on three months on a two month waiting list for physiotherapy I hold out as much hope for the system to function well as a person stranded on a remote desert island. I’m not bitter though…okay a little bitter.

As mentioned elsewhere I have learned to listen more to my body as a result of Aikido and the injury. Patience when it comes to myself has always been in short supply and I was just at the point in my training that I sensed a beneficial breakthrough around the corner on that. Personal patience is a necessity in mastering anything based on my past experiences.

Essentially late last summer I had agreed to pain my mothers porches and with the ultrasound, MRI, doctor appointments plus pain this fell by the way side. Finally have gotten around to it beginning last weekend with plans to finish up today.

I began by wiping down the smaller back porch last Friday and putting up a rough coat. This was after cutting her lawn and some brief yard work elsewhere. My body was already achy not debilitating pain just consistent. However, I managed to leave things unfinished when my body reminded me there was still a tomorrow.

Saturday involved more prep work before getting down to finishing up the first coat on the side porch. I grossly underestimated the time for this whole project which doesn’t really matter. You make a commitment or give your word then you live up to it. That’s how I operate and one of the fundamental learning’s from my youth. Honouring your word appears to be a dwindling resource these days.

I was hoping to get prop work done on the front porch yet my body had other plans for me and there was another day in the weekend. So I paced myself.

Sunday I returned earlier than planned given the forecast of ran (which never came) spending a couple hours scraping, rough sanding and wiping down the spindle laden front porch. As the afternoon progress and the possibility of rain increased I pushed through aches, pain and tiredness to get an initial coating done. Which I paid for over the next couple days.

My lesson here is learning to pace myself. Yes, we may have time constraints and other variables probably factor in to anything but, it serves no purpose to set oneself up for defeat with unrealistic expectations.

As I embark on this task today I remind myself that there is tomorrow and pacing myself is not only an option but a necessity.

Do you have high expectations for yourself?

When you don’t meet them do you beat yourself up relentlessly? If so join the club. I think most people with a level of ambition towards being better at anything or getting things done struggle with this.

Recently, I’ve realized or accepted that there is nothing wrong with high expectations of myself. The real issue is the bastard that rises out of the darkness when I don’t meet absurd unattainable standards.

Some would say the solution is to lower my standards to which my response would involve a prompt payment to the swear jar should I actually have a swear jar. No, the solution is in having a realistic view of the accomplishments versus what wasn’t accomplished. Trying to get an outrageous To Do list all checked off in a time period that no one could is more about perfectionism than ambition.

No, I’m perfectly fine having the high expectations for myself. Where I must improve is in the realistic assessment of my accomplishments given the time allotted. Recognize that the struggle is one of perspective and that perspective may be skewed.

The next time you start to berate yourself for not accomplishing that end list list of things to do perhaps pause and contemplate what you have done. You may be surprised.

A good read?

Instantaneously I knew this book was going to be a good read before even buying it. In fact it was my gateway book for loading up on plenty more that day. It’s not often I read the first sentence or paragraph and catch myself smiling at the wonderfully constructed well worded sentences. This was one of those times

Sadly I haven’t been able to give it the proper attention as this is a read requiring at least a tiny bit of mental alertness when my alertness at night as been on par with a ripening banana at best. Hopefully tonight I can put in a couple hours of thoughtful reading to kick of a fresh new week.

I’ll leave you with the tidbit below that in addition to being well written I found thought provoking.

Simple solutions are never easy ones

My computer has been waking up in the middle of the night for the past week. While I did manage to stop it Friday night it has returned. I know the likely cause came from pausing Windows update and after ten minutes of searching I found potential solutions to be time consuming.

Normally I would dig in here and spend hours whittling away at fixing something that shouldn’t need to be. Microsoft isn’t paying me to run their operating system and the fact they seem to let this problem persist indicates they neither care about me nor my time. Of course this wasn’t my thinking on the moment of my decision not to expend any more effort on it. I believe there were a few choice words that if I had a swear jar would ensure a sizable release of cash from myself.

The simple solution is to just shut my computer down. Sure it may take a minute or two to get up and running when I want to use it but, perhaps instead of having immediate access this pause will be the trigger to break many poor habit loops.

Sure it may be frustrating for awhile but one simple change often leads to many great things in all of our lives. What one simple thing can you do that would benefit you today?